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Country Sports

Country Sports on Dartmoor


Hunting on Dartmoor is one of the best ways to get to know the moor, and to learn to ride on the moor with respect. it is not for the faint-hearted, but can be enjoyed by most competent riders. There are a few jumps, some good going, some bogs, and parts scattered with granite boulders.


Shooting is a popular sport on Dartmoor. You can shoot rabbit and pigeon all year round. For other species, you are only permitted to shoot in certain months, mainly autumn and winter although shooting for some species starts in August.

Clay pigeon shooting is available throughout the year!


Falconry is believed to have been introduced to Europe around 400 AD. The British Isles has an active population of birds. The sight of a falcon diving down towards earth at over 100mph is exhilarating and having a hawk stand on your fist, happily tearing at its food, is a rare privilege. A Falconry experience is not to be missed.

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